Thank you for submitting to our telling our stories projects! 

In your submissions, challenge yourself to: 

  • Admit discoveries about yourself and others.
  • Shape your narrative using different creative writing techniques:

Stream of consciousness, prose, poetry, personal essays, vignettes, lists, dialogues, open letters, written portraits (of self or others), alternative viewpoints (of an event, person or situation), diary excerpts, mutual journals (between you and another person OR you and other persons surrounding a theme, event, etc.), written journeys, memoir in altered perspectives (telling your story via other POV); travelogues, spiritual journeys…

  • Mix and match different storytelling devices.
  • Create Visually Artistic Entries: narrative photography, photo memoir, graphic memoir, illustrations, sketches, paintings, collage, photographs of art, or other visual storytelling

Fine Print: Authors retain all rights to their work, and maintain copyright credit of their creative work, and grant publication rights to Telling Our Stories Press for print/eBook publications, or adaptations into visual art (eg. collage) and/or performance art.

Please note that the publication date of the accepted work depends highly upon the volume of received and selected submissions for the specified project. Since many of these projects require multiple short and ultra-short entries, it may take well over a year’s time of rolling admissions before a particular project is fulfilled. So please be bear with us. However, you will be notified once your work is accepted, and notified again prior to publication.

We accept simultaneous submissions, however, please just WITHDRAW your submission from consideration at any time via SUBMITTABLE if you need to do so.

DEAR AUGUST is a creative work celebrating the life and work of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, August Wilson. This is an ongoing artistic and literary project in the form of an open letter compiling narratives, interviews, photography, poetry, and artwork forming a collective re-memory honoring the man and his work.

This project seeks to explore how Mr. Wilson’s life and words has informed/transformed our view of African American and American life —within and beyond his focus on the 20th century. We are seeking creative submissions —across genres, art forms and multiple media— in an open letter to our beloved playwright…father, son, cousin, uncle and brother. What do we have to say to him, today? Let us dig deep for those meaningful remembrances of the griot and his oeuvre.

Participants of this ongoing project range from barons of the theater to friends, family, scholars and artists of all walks. Share your August Wilson story...

We ask that you:

Tell a story about your relationship to August Wilson

and/or his body of work,

and tell who you are because of it.

Upload your prose, poetry, letters, images, stories, sketches, dialogues, interviews, essays, short memoir, art, paintings...etc., by attaching your text, images, or audio files.

  • a multimedia, multi-disciplinary interactive storytelling and stories-sharing approach to healing the wounds of our nation's past by contemplating, examining, exploring and reconciling our nation's beginnings while reckoning with realities of today
  • healing yesterday's wounds with today's insights...putting our past forward while honoring our shared histories
  • by way of photo-narrative, illustrative, artistic, literary and oral curative narratives...we are coming to the table and sharing our stories.
We are particularly looking for stories from descendants from BOTH slave holding families and enslaved families of the United States. 
Share your family lore, images of ancestors or artifacts, stories that have been passed down through the generations, but share your story and how this affects your life. Why is this important today?

A Collective Photodiary

Submit your picture worth a thousand words.
Share a photo narrative that tells a story. Your story. 
Upload your graphic, illustrative, photo essay or visual memoir here by attaching up to 3 images. Don't tell us, SHOW us your personal narrative.

Formatting: Photographs in a submission must be contained in a single .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, or .txt file. Images should be submitted in low resolution; however, upon acceptance, images must be provided with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, or greater.
We welcome captions and written narratives or short memoir accompanying the photography. 
Text with the images: Captions or text submitted with your images should be contained in the single file that contains the images. The captions or text should be numbered or placed to indicate a corresponding order with the photographs.
We also accept previously unpublished photo essays and photography.
This collective narrative projects asks:
What has your PROFESSION taught you about people?
How has your job and its duties informed your understanding of fellow humans? 

Submit prose, poetry, and/or photography, that tells a story of the intersection between your PROFESSION and the nature of fellow human beings.
Upload your text file ranging from 100 words to 5 pages. For photos, upload low resolution jpeg files.
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