DEAR AUGUST is a creative work celebrating the life and work of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, August Wilson. This is an ongoing artistic and literary project in the form of an open letter compiling narratives, interviews, photography, poetry, and artwork forming a collective re-memory honoring the man and his work.

This project seeks to explore how Mr. Wilson’s life and words has informed/transformed our view of African American and American life —within and beyond his focus on the 20th century. We are seeking creative submissions —across genres, art forms and multiple media— in an open letter to our beloved playwright…father, son, cousin, uncle and brother. What do we have to say to him, today? Let us dig deep for those meaningful remembrances of the griot and his oeuvre.

Participants of this ongoing project range from barons of the theater to friends, family, scholars and artists of all walks. Share your August Wilson story...

We ask that you:

Tell a story about your relationship to August Wilson

and/or his body of work,

and tell who you are because of it.

Upload your prose, poetry, letters, images, stories, sketches, dialogues, interviews, essays, short memoir, art, paintings...etc., by attaching your text, images, or audio files.